Migration from Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange 2000

  • For small amounts of mailboxes we can facilitate the migration of mail from you current email clients to the new Office 365 mailbox.
  • For larger environments we can utilize the Cutover of Microsoft IMAP migration utility to migrate mail up to the cloud in the background so as not to interrupt the users productivity.

Microsoft Exchange 2003

  • Microsoft Office 365 Cutover and Staged migration techniques depending on data and mailbox quantities.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013

  • Allows migrations to occur over two types of methods, for smaller organisations a cutover migration works.
  • The best and most feature rich method for migration when running Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013 is the Hybrid Migration method. This allows a migration to occur in the background over time, it also migrates all mailbox data including contacts and tasks.
  • The Hybrid Exchange method allows for the easiest transition for mailbox migration where it uses the same data file to synchronise to Office 365. With this migration a user simply needs to restart Outlook after their mailbox is migrated and things will continue to work in much the same way as they were before.

Migration from Small Business Server

Migrating services from Small Business Servers to Office 365 has a degree of difficulty depending on what services you are leveraging on the SBS server. The more services that you use on the server such as mail, public folders, SharePoint, data shares then the more segmented and difficult the migration process becomes.

ITSwitch have the capabilities to migrate all resources using the most common migration paths. Including but not limited to:

SBS Server data and roles -> Microsoft Windows Server 2012
SBS Exchange Mail -> Office 365
SBS Exchange Public Folders -> Office 365 Public Folders
SBS SharePoint -> Office 365 SharePoint

ITswitch have completed migrations across all SBS environments and have documented methods that address the do’s and don’ts when migrating from the various version of Small Business Server.

The versions that are supported by ITSwitch for Migration are outlined here:

  • Small Business Server 2000 to Office 365 Migration
  • Small Business Server 2003 to Office 365 Migration
  • Small Business Server 2008 to Office 365 Migration
  • Small Business Server 2011 to Office 365 Migration
  • SBS 2000 to Office 365 Migration
  • SBS 2003 to Office 365 Migration
  • SBS 2008 to Office 365 Migration
  • SBS 2011 to Office 365 Migration

Summary of Migration Options


Do you have a Small Business Server (SBS)? ITswitch can help you migrate from SBS to Office 365. Contact us today on 03 9038 9499 to discuss how we can help your migration to Office 365 from SBS.

Office 365 PowerShell

ITswitch can log into the PowerShell of Office 365 to release features and adjust settings not available through the basic portable provided by Microsoft. Speak to one of our Microsoft Office 365 consultants about your PowerShell requirements.

PowerShell is an integral part of the administration of Office 365. It allows customisations of Office 365 to ensure the product fits into your business practices and policy’s. Contact ITSwitch for help you with features that can only be modified within the Office 365 PowerShell.